Importance of PE Ratio for Investing in Mutual Funds

The price-earnings ratio, often known as the PE ratio, P/E ratio or price to earnings ratio, is a market prospect ratio. It calculates the market value of a stock of a company, as relative to its earnings by comparing the market price per share by the earnings per share (EPS). This ratio shows what the market is willing to pay for a stock based on its current earnings. PE is [...]

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Bluechip Funds: How they Work & Who Should Invest

A Bluechip fund is a term used to indicate investments in stocks of well-established and financially sound companies. These companies have a credible track record with sound financial performance. Along with regular dividend payments and profitability over the years. The mutual funds investing in bluechip stocks or shares are also known as Bluechip Fund. In the market terms, a bluechip is a company renowned by its name, brand or goodwill [...]

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What is AUM, its calculation and importance

What are Assets Under Management (AUM)? Asset under management is all over the market value of assets or capital that a mutual fund keeps. The fund manager handles these assets and takes investment decisions on behalf of investors. AUM is a sign of the size and progress of a fund house. One can easily match its assets under management in multiple timelines and market conditions performed as denied to its [...]

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CAGR: Its Calculation with Examples & Complete Overview

The full form of CAGR is a Compound Annual Growth Rate. It measures the annual growth of an investment over some time. It is used to ascertain and compare the past performance of investments, or to project their expected future returns. An investment that works on the principle of Power of Compounding, is the only investment that lets your investment grow manyfold and build wealth for you. You can say [...]

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Asset Class: Meaning, Types & Diversifying Your Portfolio

Understanding asset classes is very important for an investor because when we are putting our money in some financial product, then it will ultimately go to a specific asset class only. An asset class is a particular category of investment such as stocks, bonds, real estate or cash. Investing is a trade-off between risk and returns. Depending on our risk appetite, we choose to invest in a combination of asset classes [...]

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Active vs Passive Mutual Funds: Which is Better to Invest

When the best investment advisor plans to construct an investment portfolio for its clients, a lot of thought goes into deciding about its contents. How much should be invested in active vs how much should be put in passive mutual funds? And this is another one of those never-ending debates, in the mutual fund sector. Besides, for the past couple of years, passive funds have been doing relatively better than [...]

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Which is the best mutual fund and how decide it ?

Which is the Best Mutual Fund? People who are new to mutual fund investments world usually ask- “Please tell me best 2 or 3 Mutual Funds for SIP or Lumpsum Investment for so & so time duration”. That is a complicated question to answer in a moment. As without knowing your demand and requirements how can we decide which fund is best for you? Fund flexibility depends upon your demands. [...]

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How a Good Financial Advisor Is a Mutual Fund Investor’s Best Friend

Financial Advisor is accountable for assisting their clients to make the right financial decisions, including investment decisions. Almost every investor rely massively on the experience and guidance of their financial advisors while making significant decisions. Without a good financial advisor, it's quite to do financial planning in terms of mutual funds and they end up making bad decisions. Research says that many mutual fund investors underperform every year because of [...]

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Why duration of mutual fund investment should be long

India is developing at about 7% GDP growth and has 4% government inflation. So in such a sort of scenario when you base deposit rate of bank i.e 7 - 8% which is just similar to GDP ratio, all different features including inflation is continuing to come to your help in the stock market. The mutual fund investment duration should be long as just because of the volatile market conditions [...]

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