How a Good Financial Advisor Is a Mutual Fund Investor’s Best Friend

Financial Advisor is accountable for assisting their clients to make the right financial decisions, including investment decisions. Almost every investor rely massively on the experience and guidance of their financial advisors while making significant decisions. Without a good financial advisor, it's quite to do financial planning in terms of mutual funds and they end up making bad decisions. Research says that many mutual fund investors underperform every year because of [...]

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How to earn regular income from mutual funds

The mutual fund is the process of collecting funds from various investors and investing them into the plan that benefits them in future. The mutual funds will provide regular income to both the investor and the Mutual fund distributor. This a chain that keeps ongoing and receives the regular income. Want to earn a regular income from mutual funds? For investors the simple answer to this is SWP. The right [...]

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NISM VA series exam Preparation Tips

People may get confused when it can be the best NISM VA Preparation Tips? They keep scrolling the internet and gets nothing. In this article, we will study about NISM VA Preparation Tips. The NISM Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification (English) Exam is a mandatory exam for those persons who wish to get registered with AMFI for starting their own Mutual Fund Distribution business. It is also very [...]

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EUIN Registration: Rules, Types, Purpose & FAQs

In its circular dated September 13, 2012, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) directed AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds India) to create an Employee Unique Identity Number (EUIN). Each Employee, Relationship Manager or Salesperson of the Mutual Fund Distributor, advising or selling the investor about Mutual Funds, has to receive this Number. In addition to the (ARN) AMFI Registration Number of the Distributor. SEBI had also mandated that Asset [...]

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ARN code: Definition & registration process

Understanding what is ARN code? The full form of ARN is the Application Reference Number code. ARN code plays a very important role for a qualified mutual fund expert or mutual fund distributor for trading in mutual funds.ARN or AMFI Registration Number is a unique number assigned by AMFI. They are needed by Asset Management Companies Funds to deal with the mutual fund agent involved in the marketing and selling of the [...]

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Mutual fund advisor : Importance, Role & Responsiblity

In the present day scenario, it is important to understand what are mutual funds. Also, which investment options are beneficial for future perspective. Taking the assistance of Mutual Fund Advisor in case of mutual fund investments will work more towards building wealth and living a healthy lifestyle. Many mutual fund advisors keep approaching you and recommend you invest in some funds. Are they professional person or company just hire them?. [...]

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GST Requirement for MF Agent

GST Requirement for MF Agent Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in India. It is a Multi-Staged tax as it is imposed at every step in the production process, but is refunded to all parties in the various stages of production other than the final consumer. And it is also known as a destination-based tax, as it is a [...]

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Life Insurance Vs Mutual Fund

When it comes to the best investment choices, everyone faces numerous choices. Moreover, where you plan to invest the money and how much is an individual's choice. With a wide range of financial products at your disposal, the selection of a particular product can be a difficult task. What holds the most important part is your goals. You can be a single young investor or one with dependents to look [...]

Top 10 mutual fund advisor in Delhi

Mutual Funds A mutual fund agent merges one’s money with that of many other investors. Further, he invests that money in the best mutual funds in the market. Also, depending on one's preference and the type of mutual fund in India one picks up. It invests in various stocks if one prefers equity mutual funds or equity diversified mutual funds. In bonds or fixed income securities, if one chooses debt funds. Plus a blend of equity and debt [...]

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Eligibility criteria and requirements to become a mutual fund agent

Who are mutual fund agents? Mutual Fund Agent is the one who helps to buy and sell mutual fund by investors and gets a commission for bringing in investors into mutual fund investments. They inform the investors of different schemes of mutual fund houses in India. They assist the investors in bringing out investment transactions associating to switching, redemption and manage them regularly on the performance of their investments. Which [...]

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