Top Diversified Funds of 2019

A diversified fund invests in equities and equity-related instruments irrespective of their market capitalization or sectoral association. A diversified fund has the flexibility to increase or decrease its exposure to large caps, mid-cap and small-cap investments depending on the fund manager’s knowledge of the market conditions and future market expectations. In this article, we present to you the top-diversified funds of 2019. Meaning of Diversified Equity Mutual Funds Diversified Equity [...]

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Best Mid Cap mutual Funds Opportunities in 2019

Mid-cap mutual funds are mutual funds that primarily invest in the shares of mid-cap companies (101st-250th largest companies in terms of market capitalization). Midcap funds feature the perfect blend of risk and returns as they invest in the stocks of companies which along with being responsive to stock market changes also holds a considerable amount of stability. To bring diversification to a mutual fund portfolio in terms of balancing the [...]

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Equity Funds : Meaning ,Types & Taxation

Equity funds are also known as a stock fund. It is a fund that invests in stocks and is also known as equity securities. Stock funds can be compared with bond funds and money funds. Fund assets are mainly in stock, with some amount of cash, which is generally quite small, as opposed to bonds, notes, or other securities. Understanding the concept of Equity Fund  Equity funds intend to produce [...]

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Best small and midcap fund in India

The size of the company is an important criterion when selecting equity portfolios. This is because, depending on the size of the company, the mutual fund portfolio would have its unique set of opportunities and risks. Thus this article on Best small and midcap fund will help you to know about them in detail. Best Small Cap Mutual Funds invest in stocks of small companies that have the potential for [...]

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ELSS full form: Types and Comparison

The full form of ELSS ie Equity Linked Savings scheme. Among the different options that are available to save tax, one of the most likely is equity-linked savings schemes. ELSS are diversified equity mutual funds that invest the main part of your money in equity and equity-related securities. The fund manager watches for securities of companies that have strong growth potential and a flexible business model. ELSS funds give you [...]

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5 Best pharma mutual funds: Details

Understanding the concept of Pharma Mutual Funds Everyone visit hospital in a way or other to take health advice from a doctor at some point of time in life. Does anyone know that the medicines we take in, where are they manufactured and can we invest in them? These medicines are manufactured by some companies and we can invest in them by the process of the mutual fund. The types [...]

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Large Cap Funds: Things to be Consider Before Investing

What are Large Cap funds? Large-cap funds are those types of mutual funds that invest a huge proportion of their corpus in companies with great market capitalization. Large Cap equity mutual funds are also known for their consistent returns over a period of time. These companies are mostly leaders in their field of business and hence tend to remain stable than smaller or mid-cap companies when the market is unstable. [...]

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Dividend Mutual Funds: Meaning, Returns and Taxes

Introduction Dividend mutual funds are a type of stock mutual funds that invests in those companies which pay dividends. Dividends are profits that companies give to their stock shareholders. Most investors buying dividend mutual funds are usually looking for a source of income. The investor would like steady and reliable payments from their mutual fund investment. Dividend mutual funds are the best option for retired investors. Dividend mutual funds also [...]

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A complete overview of Equity savings funds

Equity savings funds A new variant is added in the best equity mutual fund basket, which is Equity Saving Funds. Also, a part of it is hedged, and then some debt is added, and you have this new fund category. Before we get into this product's details let us know the reason for which this new category is started doing well in the mutual fund industry. According to the previous [...]

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A complete assessment on the best large cap mutual funds in 2019

Best large-cap mutual funds - Are you looking to invest in them? Why not the large-cap mutual funds have lots of plus points and gave reason to invest in. They are a type of equity mutual funds. The investors who are looking forward to receiving steady returns and exist for the long - term this is actually a great option and deal. Mutual fund investment is a constant emphasis on [...]

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