10 Best Liquid Fund Scheme to Increase your Returns

Liquid fund is a type of debt fund that holds the least amount of risk, still, gets you the best returns possible. It invests your money in very short-term market instruments such as treasury bills, government securities, and call money. These funds can invest in instruments till maturity of 91 days. The maturity is frequently much lower than that. Let us know about liquid fund returns. Characteristics of liquids funds: [...]

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Liquid Mutual Funds or Fixed Deposits: How to Select the Best Investment

Bank Fixed deposits or FDs in short, have been a favorite investment option for many. Considered as a no-risk factor with a guaranteed return, individuals prefer FDs for the short term. Since interest rates on FDs have been declining gradually over the past few years, individuals are looking for options where they may put their money and maximize their wealth. This is where Mutual Funds enter the picture. In this [...]

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Gilt Mutual Funds: A Complete Guide to Invest

Gilt funds are considered as the most conservative fixed-income return. The funds focus primarily on securities issued called gilts. Gilt funds can be also found in India, which issues gilt securities due to its historic designation. Gilt funds and long term debt funds are at the top in the returns chart. Some are even offering much better returns than many of the equity mutual funds. Gilt funds are giving [...]

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Money Market: Working, Types , Who should invest

The money market is trading in short-term debt fund investments. At the wholesale level, it involves large-volume trades between institutions and traders. At the retail level, it includes money market mutual funds bought by individual investors and money market accounts opened by bank customers. In any case, if it is characterized by a high degree of safety and a relatively low return in interest. Money market mutual funds (MMMF) are [...]

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What is STP | Key features to consider

What is STP is a question that is on the mind of every investor looking for investment options, particularly in the field of Mutual Funds? The full form of STP is a Systematic Transfer Plan. But before we start understanding what is STP, we must have clarity about SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). First. the SIP is a disciplined way of investing where investors invest a fixed sum at regular intervals [...]

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10 short term debt funds you must consider for investing

Overview of short term debt funds A short term debt fund is a type of mutual funds that invests a certain amount for a span of 1-3 years (sometimes 4). There is a comparison between fixed deposits and short term debt funds. But which is better: debt funds or fixed deposits? On the basis of return, taxation and, risk short term debt fund fares better. In the case of returns, [...]

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Know all about income funds India

Meaning of Income Funds Income funds in India are those mutual funds which are class of debt funds and also gives one with a uniform flow of income. They invest in multiple assets classes. That classes are goverment securities, corporate bonds, certificate of deposits and money market instrument. They are controlled by proficient best fund managers in India and is a great mutual fund investment. The 2 kinds of mutual [...]

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All about the Monthly Income plan funds

MIP funds are the debt fund scheme that invests in a 15-25% a small part of funds in equity. It gives regular income in the formation of periodic. Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly dividend payouts. Because of the presence of equity, MIP returns can be volatile. It's one of the ways to invest in mutual funds. Meaning of Monthly Income Plans (MIP funds) Monthly Income Plan refers to the debt mutual fund [...]

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Debt mutual funds vs fixed deposits: which is better

Debt funds vs FD (Fixed Deposits) is a question that can become self- explanatory. While understanding the definitions of both of them. What do you mean by Debt funds and Fixed Deposits Fixed Deposits: It is also named as a term deposit. That gives capital and income guarantee for recent time of the maturity of the instrument. Banks remain to pay the scheduled interest rate completely the security of one's [...]

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Ultra short-term funds: A complete review

Overview The ultra-short term funds are very much like liquid funds. The liquidity of these funds is very high as compared to the liquidity of other funds with long-term investment horizons. Under the rules set by SEBI, the investment horizon of these funds is up to 91 days. Unlike in the case of Ultra-short term bond funds. In the case of bond funds, the investment horizon of the investment can [...]

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