Best Hybrid Funds: A Guide to Understand & Select

Mainly 3 types of investors in Mutual Funds. The first ones are the adventurous ones. They take big risks and choose Best Equity Mutual Funds for their investments. Next, are those who prefer to play it safe. They stick to Best Debt Funds that assures some returns while keeping the money safe. Lastly, there is the third kind who wants the best of both worlds. They invest in Best Hybrid [...]

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Best Balanced Funds 2019

Best Balanced Funds 2019 are those type of mutual fund which invests in both the debt and equity part of the market. This helps in decreasing the volatility of the portfolio. Balanced Mutual Funds helps the investors to achieve better post-tax returns and also guard them against inflation. For the purpose of taxation, balanced funds are categorized as equity mutual funds because they invest at least 65% of the money [...]

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What are Arbitage funds | Things to consider while investing

Overview Arbitrage funds work on the basis of mispricing of equity shares in the spot and futures market. It exploits the price difference between current and future securities and thus generates returns. Arbitrage funds manager simultaneously buys shares in the cash market and sells it in futures or derivatives market. The profit is the difference between cost price and selling price. Things to consider while investing in arbitrage funds Risk As [...]

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Understanding Balanced Mutual Funds: Benefits, Taxes & Comparison

Start with a SIP of Rs. 500 or Lump Sum A balance of Equities, Debt & Money Market Instruments Actively managed by the Fund Manager to deliver higher Returns Proves to be tax-efficient for long-term investors. Invest in Balanced Funds Now Balanced Mutual Funds Portfolios contain a relative mix of Stocks, Bonds and sometimes Money Market instruments, within them. The objective is to ensure [...]

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