Reliance Mutual Fund is now Nippon India Mutual Fund- Just stay Invested!

Interesting news for all the investors in Reliance mutual funds- Nippon India. Anil Ambani's who owns the Reliance group sold its entire shareholding in the mutual fund business to its joint venture partner Nippon Life. The name change was declared at an event held in Mumbai on October 7. The AMC of reliance group is now combined with Nippon India and from now Nippon funds will invest in the Reliance [...]

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YES Bank: Why Mutual Funds are Running Away

Many institutional investors are facing a huge uncertainty in the inability to judge whether the bad loan situation of YES Bank would improve or get worsened. This is a thought-provoking statement from a senior fund manager of a large fund house. In the last financial year itself, about 100 mutual fund managers have completely disposed of their stake in YES Bank. Even the Ex-CEO Mr. Rana Kapoor has lost $1 [...]

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A mutual fund provides investors with the opportunity to combine their money with other investors in an investment that's conducted by professional investment managers. Mutual funds invest in stocks, bonds or other securities according to each fund's purpose. The present article below will familiarize you with the top 10 Mutual Fund Companies. TOP 10 MUTUAL FUND COMPANIES HSBC MUTUAL FUNDS HSBC Mutual Fund was set up on 27th May 2002. [...]

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Best mutual fund platform in India

Mutual Funds Mutual funds are a financial vehicle made up of a supply of money collected from many investors. Then to invest in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets. The Best mutual fund platform which is offering us the option to invest online are discussed in this article. Mutual funds are usually operated by professional money managers. Who allocates the fund's assets and to produce [...]

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Sectoral Funds: Major Categories, Advantages and Disadvantages

Sectoral mutual funds invest in specific sectors or themes that are recommended to highly informed investors. Mutual Funds schemes are well known for going through highly-rewarding phases, followed by lengthy rough patches. Sector funds are those funds that primarily invest money in stocks of companies that operate in a particular sector. Given the limit to just one or two sectors, the risk quotient of this kind of fund is high [...]

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Invesco India Mid Cap Fund | All the Latest Details |

The Invesco India Mid Cap Fund Regular (Growth) is a dedicated Mid-Cap Category Fund. This plan was launched on 19th April 2007. Investment in Invesco India Mid Cap Fund is a moderately high-risk bet. It is suitable only for those investors who have a sound knowledge of investing. The Scheme has earned annualized returns of 9.37% for 3-years investment and 12.71% over 5-years. The AUM or the fund size of [...]

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Know All About Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS)

Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund The Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) by RelianceMF was launched on Sep 21, 2005. Reliance AMC is one of the top 5 AMCs in India. The primary objective of the open-ended scheme is to create wealth over the long-term. The significant part of the Corpus is invested in equity and equity related instruments. Mr. Ashwani Kumar has been the fund manager since its beginning. He has [...]

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Best SWP plans to consider investing for monthly income

Systematic Withdrawal Plan is used to cover your investment from a mutual funds scheme in a phased manner. Unlike lump-sum withdrawals, SWP permits you to withdraw money in portions. It can be observed as the opposite of SIP. In best SWP plans, you channelize your investments from a scheme to the savings bank account. It is one of the strategies to deal with market variations. With the Systematic Withdrawal Plan, [...]

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What is SWP | Top 15 funds for SWP

What is SWP? An SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) enables one to withdraw a fixed amount of money from a mutual fund. It means one can redeem their investment from a mutual fund scheme in a systematic way. It also allows a planned and steady flow of income. An SWP can be extremely beneficial mainly in the time of financial needs such as unemployment. A great investment option for withdrawal plan [...]

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A write up on SBI bluechip fund direct fund growth

About SBI Bluechip direct Fund growth is a large-cap mutual funds scheme that helps in investing in stocks of very large companies. Large-cap schemes are considered less volatile than other equity schemes like mid-cap funds and small-cap mutual funds schemes. They are recommended to equity mutual funds investors with an investment period of five to seven years. They offer good returns. This 5-year-old fund has performed well with good returns [...]

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