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Mahindra AMC entered into Joint Venture with Manulife Asset Management Singapore 

Canada's 132-year-old insurer Manulife chooses to stake in Mahindra AMC. Canadian insurance multinational Manulife is invading the Indian mutual fund industry by a strategic stake buy in Mahindra Asset Management Company, a specialist in the financial industry. Headquartered in Toronto Manulife has picked up a 49 % stake in Mahindra Asset Management for $35 million to expand its business. Marking its entry into the 43-member big Indian mutual fund industry. [...]

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Freedom SIP by ICICI Prudential : Invest your way to financial freedom

For living a standard life & keep your savings safe forever even after Retirement starts investing in Freedom SIP by ICICI Prudential. Your active income ( Salary, Business or Professional Income) does not provide a guarantee of future returns. The savings (Passive Income) you make that's the passive income it is used at the time of emergency and never stays stable keeps decreasing. Freedom adds the benefits here. They will never [...]

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Celebrate Diwali 2019 by Investing in gold funds

Make this Diwali and Dhanteras even more cheerful by taking a better investment decision of investing in gold with mutual funds! Where to buy gold funds? Wealthbucket is here to give the best gold funds schemes. In this, the auspicious season of the festival. Earn Favorable returns and light up your future with sparkling investment decisions. Look over the beneficial opportunity to invest in our research suggested stocks, hand-picked to make your [...]

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Reliance Mutual Fund is now Nippon India Mutual Fund- Just stay Invested!

Interesting news for all the investors in Reliance mutual funds- Nippon India. Anil Ambani's who owns the Reliance group sold its entire shareholding in the mutual fund business to its joint venture partner Nippon Life. The name change was declared at an event held in Mumbai on October 7. The AMC of reliance group is now combined with Nippon India and from now Nippon funds will invest in the Reliance [...]

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Accrual vs duration funds: Which is better investment

Debt funds apply 2 strategies to assure higher returns. They are duration strategy and accrual strategy. But both strategies have a vast difference between them. The accrual vs duration funds is all we going to discuss in this blog. Lets first understand what are these funds and what are their strategies. Accrual Funds This mutual fund intends to invest in companies that have a least credit rating but are well-managed. [...]

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Asset allocation funds: Introduction, Types and Taxation system

Asset allocation funds were generated from modern portfolio theory. Modern portfolio theory explains that investors can obtain optimal returns by spending in a diversified portfolio of investments involved in an effective frontier. Moreover, modern portfolio theory describes how a portfolio can change its asset mix to tailor to the risk tolerance of the investor. Introduction to Asset Allocation Funds  It is a fund connecting the bonds and equities and that [...]

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Hedge vs Mutual Funds: Comparative analysis

Introduction to hedge vs mutual funds  Hedge vs mutual funds are 2 general pooled investment means, wherein several investors trust their money to a fund manager, who invest the same in various classes of publicly traded securities. A mutual fund is an investment, that allows the investor to invest in a diversified and professionally handled basket of securities, at relatively low cost. On the other hand, the hedge fund is nothing but unregistered personal [...]

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Global vs International Funds: Comparative analysis

We do see these 2 terms as the same meaning the same thing, but in the link with investing in a mutual fund, they have diverse meanings. Global vs International Funds have a basic difference in their investment goals and give investors with various kinds of investing chances. It is up to the investor to conduct due persistence and understand the types of investments all of these types of mutual [...]

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Mutual Fund Prospectus: What the Points tell you About

Mutual Fund Companies or Mutual Fund Distributors who sell Mutual Funds are required by law to send out a prospectus to their clients. A prospectus contains a lot of information. Such as the fund’s investment objective, strategies, holdings, information on the fund manager, risks, past performance, benchmark information, fee structure, and minimum investment amounts, etc. It can also include any disclosures that the Asset Management Company feels is necessary for [...]

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Importance of PE Ratio for Investing in Mutual Funds

The price-earnings ratio, often known as the PE ratio, P/E ratio or price to earnings ratio, is a market prospect ratio. It calculates the market value of a stock of a company, as relative to its earnings by comparing the market price per share by the earnings per share (EPS). This ratio shows what the market is willing to pay for a stock based on its current earnings. PE is [...]

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