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Which is better ELSS or PPF?

ELSS vs PPF are the both same or different from each other?  Overview of PPF & ELSS Equity Linked Savings Scheme and Public Provident Fund are both tax deductions following Section 80 C. Also, direct replacements for each other. What is ELSS? ELSS (Equity-linked savings) - tax saving mutual funds is a kind of mutual fund which is tax deductible and as mentioned above is under Section 80 C. An [...]

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One time investment plan: Factors affecting, Pros & Cons

Overview People who invest money in mutual funds usually go for SIP, wherein a fixed amount is deposited under someone's name. It becomes easy for them to build wealth using regular small payments. Learn what is the basic difference between mutual funds and SIP. But in some cases, the experienced investors opt to invest a huge amount of money in a direct plan when it's not performing well but in [...]

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HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund

About The HDFC midcap fund opportunities fund targets to offer long-term capital income by financing chiefly in Mid-cap companies. It is a unique type of mutual fund that invests primarily in small & mid-cap companies. Learn what are the HDFC Mutual funds. The investments are flexible in nature, as the investments are at first in the funds that promise higher returns in the long-term and are in the large-cap companies [...]

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Top 5 best fund managers in India

Overview There are numerous best fund managers in India working in mutual funds investments. Basically, a fund manager is a person who gives direction to the investment made by Investors. Fund managers have numerous responsibilities and role. A fund manager is liable for fulfilling the investors demand and allocate the best investment plans to investors. A fund manager is responsible to provide tax saving mutual fund plans and guide about [...]

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List of best small cap mutual funds investment schemes

The best small-cap mutual funds -The size of the company is an essential measure when choosing equity portfolios. This is as depending on the size of the company. The portfolio would have a different set of chances and risks. Best Small Cap Mutual Funds invest predominantly in stocks of small companies that have the potential for extension. These stock can increase about triple or double in a short span of [...]

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Debt mutual funds vs fixed deposits: which is better

Debt funds vs FD (Fixed Deposits) is a question that can become self- explanatory. While understanding the definitions of both of them. What do you mean by Debt funds and Fixed Deposits Fixed Deposits: It is also named as a term deposit. That gives capital and income guarantee for recent time of the maturity of the instrument. Banks remain to pay the scheduled interest rate completely the security of one's [...]

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How to invest in ELSS : Complete overview

Introduction ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Scheme is a type of mutual fund investment that aims at saving tax of the investors. What are the best ELSS funds to invest in 2019? The investor should choose the best scheme that charges minimal returns and provides maximum output in the form of dividends. Now, you must be wondering how to invest in ELSS. Check the best way to invest: ELSS. Well, [...]

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Ultra short-term funds: A complete review

Overview The ultra-short term funds are very much like liquid funds. The liquidity of these funds is very high as compared to the liquidity of other funds with long-term investment horizons. Under the rules set by SEBI, the investment horizon of these funds is up to 91 days. Unlike in the case of Ultra-short term bond funds. In the case of bond funds, the investment horizon of the investment can [...]

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Power of compounding: How to make it work in your favour

Overview If an individual wants to generate wealth, he/she should start investing early to benefit from the power of compounding. It is an art that needs to be perfected to generate wealth to reach major financial objectives. Learn what is alternate investment funds in India. You need to be patient and disciplined with this. According to Albert Einstein "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He, who understands [...]

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List wise description of multi-cap mutual funds

Concept of Multicap fund Multicap fund is the Mutual fund investment essentially invest in stocks pick from all the listed stocks in the Indian market (NSE/BSE). These Mutual funds invest in the equity shares of the companies that refer to various MARKET CAPITALIZATION. These funds involve Large Cap Mutual funds, Small-cap mutual funds and Mid-cap funds in the portfolio in a precise proportion. They focus on these funds, not any [...]

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