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Types of mutual fund

Overview of different types of mutual funds We will different types of mutual funds investments on a different basis. The difference could be due to the time of investment or the risk involved or the special feature of a particular mutual fund. The basis of distinction among different type of mutual funds is as follows: On the Basis of Asset Class On the basis of Structure Based on Investment Goals [...]

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Best Performing Mutual Funds India

Overview to Mutual Funds Before knowing about the Best Performing Mutual Funds India. You should know What is a Mutual Fund? A mutual fund is designed when the collection of capital from different investors is invested in company shares, stocks or bonds. Shared by lakhs of investors (including you), the management of the mutual fund is collective to earn the highest possible returns.  Every mutual fund registers with SEBI (Securities Exchange [...]

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Life Insurance Vs Mutual Fund

When it comes to the best investment choices, everyone faces numerous choices. Moreover, where you plan to invest the money and how much is an individual's choice. With a wide range of financial products at your disposal, the selection of a particular product can be a difficult task. What holds the most important part is your goals. You can be a single young investor or one with dependents to look [...]

How to Become Mutual Fund Agent

Mutual Fund Agent is the one who helps in buying and selling of Mutual Funds India through investors and earn a commission for bringing in investors in the Mutual Fund scheme. He/She also advises the investors about various schemes of the Mutual Fund house. Every mutual fund is registered with SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) and therefore, is very safe. He helps the investors in carrying out Investment transactions [...]

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Top 5 mutual fund houses in India

Introduction to mutual fund and its houses There are numerous mutual fund houses in India that one can select for its mutual fund investments. Also, they provide various type in mutual funds like Liquid fund, Income funds, debt funds, Equity mutual funds etc. Mutual funds are becoming so popular in terms of investment nowadays that the AUM has been continuously developing from the past 5 years. Heightened awareness and wants [...]

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10 short term debt funds you must consider for investing

Overview of short term debt funds A short term debt fund is a type of mutual funds that invests a certain amount for a span of 1-3 years (sometimes 4). There is a comparison between fixed deposits and short term debt funds. But which is better: debt funds or fixed deposits? On the basis of return, taxation and, risk short term debt fund fares better. In the case of returns, [...]

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Select the Best Way to Invest by Calculating the Future Returns on your Lump Sum

Should I invest a Lump Sum amount or take up a SIP investment plan of Mutual Funds? This is a big question that has crossed the mind of all of us. At least, once during our working life, if not more. Well, the answer to such questions is never so easy. Most of the time, it will depend on the cash you have in hand. If you have just received [...]

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Know all about income funds India

Meaning of Income Funds Income funds in India are those mutual funds which are class of debt funds and also gives one with a uniform flow of income. They invest in multiple assets classes. That classes are goverment securities, corporate bonds, certificate of deposits and money market instrument. They are controlled by proficient best fund managers in India and is a great mutual fund investment. The 2 kinds of mutual [...]

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All about the Monthly Income plan funds

MIP funds are the debt fund scheme that invests in a 15-25% a small part of funds in equity. It gives regular income in the formation of periodic. Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly dividend payouts. Because of the presence of equity, MIP returns can be volatile. It's one of the ways to invest in mutual funds. Meaning of Monthly Income Plans (MIP funds) Monthly Income Plan refers to the debt mutual fund [...]

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